Rye Neighbourhood Plan

Early in 2013, the community of Rye formally decided to make a Neighbourhood Plan.  Rye Town Council selected a mix of councillors and citizens to steer work on the plan.  Colonel Kimber was selected to be on the Steering Group and was then elected to be Vice Chair of the Group. The Chair is the Mayor.

To be best prepared for the work which involves close cooperation with Rother DC Planning Officers and Planning Aid/RTPI, he has attended several neighbourhood planning seminars and training sessions (organised separately by Planning Aid/RTPI, Sussex Placenet; RVA) and visited an open event in Seddlescombe, where a neighbourhood plan is under way.

In addition to jointly chairing the Group, liaising with Rother DC and Planning Aid/RTPI, he is responsible for the communications strategy and budget ( with the Town Clerk).

In February 2018 we have reached what is known as pre submission stage when we go to the Community for consultation on our draft Plan.  This is explained in Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Plan Regulations 2012.

Full details can be found on our website, Facebook page and Twitter account. 

Anthony Kimber