Risk and Resilience

At key stages during his long military career, Anthony Kimber, has been involved with handling risk and resilience issues. As a key military planner at the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland he devised contingency plans for the impact of the Ulster Workers Strike across the rural counties. In Cyprus he was involved with handling brush fires which affected garrison areas. In Hungary, he worked with Cranfield University to support the Hungarian Civil Defence Organisation in developing contingency plans for the seasonal widespread flooding in the Tisza and Danube valleys.

After leaving the Army, he was selected to be the Military Regional Liaison Officer, coordinating Military Aid in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. He provided military advice at Regional and GOLD level for a range of emergencies and operations, including foot and mouth in Surrey, flooding in Surrey and Kent,  national political conferences in Brighton and Leeds Castle. He was awarded a Chief Constable’s commendation for support to operations in Kent.

With a background in IT; a PhD in functional/activity based costing (National University of Public Services, Budapest); a MSc in Emergency Planning (Leicester University) and is a Fellow of the Emergency Planning Society.

He was contracted to provide advice to the South East Europe University in Tetovo in the development of a risk handling strategy. He wrote a risk management policy and organised seminars to teach staff to adopt risk management as part of university governance.

Anthony Kimber chairs a community group in Rye (Rye Emergency Action Community Team – REACT), which tackles issues of localised flood risk.  This group maintains a community emergency plan,  holds public meetings to consider community risk issues and monitors all risks, which may affect the community.

Anthony Kimber is available for consultancy commitments on risk and resilience issues. Please use the contact page for proposals.

Anthony Kimber